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Kids Classes

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The philosophy of the IWKA Panda, Tigers and Dragons Program is to develop life skills for your child through martial arts. Your child will develop focus, discipline, mental strength, confidence and much more. Our goal is also to equip your child with the confidence and skills to manage bullies.
It is important for a child not to become a victim of bullying during thier formative years. A lifetime of bullying can destroy a child’s self-esteem and confidence.  The IWKA Kids Program is a wholistic approach to your child’s overall well-being.


  • Qualified and experienced instructors
  • Mental strength, confidence, discipline and focus 
  • Life skills to promote excellence in all areas of life
  • Self-defense strategies to manage bulling
  • A productive, happy and healthy lifestyle
  • Excel in Body, Mind and Energy 
  • Build strong friemdships and social skills 


Kids Program

At IWKA, we believe that a strong foundation in martial arts leads to a more well rounded individual. Our kids program aims to build life skills through learning martial arts. Our tailor made curriculum is delivered by experienced instructors, who combine cardiovascular conditioning, self-defence techniques and physical education to improve a child’s motor skills, agility and coordination. Children on our kids programs also develop important and vital values and character traits that can only be gained through training martial arts.

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Only a small number of children are taught how to defend themselves properly against bullies. Most children tolerate bullying despite the negative impact it has their lives. With basic self-defense training, children can vastly improve thier lives. Don’t worry! IWKA Martial Arts is the solution to safeguarding your child.
Our program prides itself on the principle that non- violent methods can deal with bullying and violence. Our kids program is a valuable investment in your children’s future. Your child will develop the skills and confidence to take control of their lives and to manage bullies in a proven and safe way.


History confirms that martial arts can be an excellent toolkit for kids to learn life skills such as discipline, confidence, hard work, integrity, mental strength, teamwork, focus and more. Ultimately, martial arts is about continuous self-improvement; mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.
Whether it is improving techniques, promoting self confidence, building a strong foundation for the future, or learning self-defence,  the IWKA Kids Program is designed specifically to produce, tangible, customised results for your child’s benefit.

 IWKA kung Fu Birmingham UK

Woodcock Sports Centre
Studio 3, Aston University
West Midlands
B4 7ET

  Telephone: 07516871700

 IWKA Kung Fu Birmingham

Edgbaston Community Centre
40 Woodview Drive
West Midlands
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 IWKA Birmingham UK

Woodcock Sports Centre, Studio 3
Aston University
West Midlands
B4 7ET


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