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Sihing Jason Sylvester is the chief instructor for IWKA Birmingham. Jason started his martial arts journey in 1997 where he took up kickboxing and competed in various competitions. In 2000 Jason decided to widen his martial practice by taking up boxing, dedicating many hours of training perfecting his skills, sparring and entering competitions. In 2003 Jason found Wing Chun after attending a martial arts seminar. He studied the art diligently for 7 years, reaching Bui Jee level 2. His passion and enthusiasm for testing his skills led him to take up MMA. During this period Jason was able to combine all of his knowledge and experience into an effective fighting strategy, and was successful in winning his 3 MMA fights. Jason never forgot his Wing Chun roots and returned to his Wing Chun training at MWCK in order to complete the system. In 2016 Jason met Sifu Sergio while attending a seminar. He was amazed at Sifu Sergio’s skill, wisdom and knowledge in internal Wing Tjun. Sifu Sergio spotted his attitude and enthusiasm towards martial arts, and also his willingness to learn, and invited Jason to become his private student. Jason spends many hours as a private student of Sifu Sergio perfecting his skills and upgrading his software without damaging the hardware, and is dedicated to pass on his knowledge on the IWKA system.

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