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The Welcome to IWKA Kung Fu Birmingham UK

Be the change you want to see in your life… start your Road to Black Belt at IWKA Kung Fu Birmingham UK. 

IWKA Kung Fu Birmingham UK plays such an important role in helping you to  increase your confidence, raise your self esteem, reduce stress, strengthen your immune system, improve your fitness and to learn self defence skills. 

We’re looking for people like YOU, who care about their health and well-being and want to be the best that they can be. 

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Tel: 07516871700

Road to Black Belt and Bridge to Mastery

The IWKA Road to Black Belt is the journey of a student from 1st - 12th level (Black Belt). The main focus is on realistic self-defence in all five ranges, as well as learning the basic forms, Snake Engine striking methods and also theories of the system.

Student level 1- 8 are mainly external. Level 9-12 is an introduction into the internals through the IWKA Song Form exercises.

The Bridge to Mastery is the journey from Black Belt all the way through the different Black Belt levels until finally reaching 10th Grandmaster Level.

The student is taken deeper into the internals through the learning of the IWKA 1700’s Sil Lim Tau, the 1848 Yik Kam Kuen Kuit, the Six Core Elements and also the IWKA Song Form. Another topic of study will be from the sister art Weng Chun, in the form of Tang Yik and Lo Family linages, as well as training in Hua, Na and Fa skills.

The Master levels 5-8 are purely about internal Wing Tjun. Here you will develop a deeper understanding and the ability to apply Hua (Yielding), Na (locks) and Fa (Issuing) skills, the 8 energies and also the Six Core Elements.

The Grandmaster levels 9-10 are the domain of the spiritual path and Wing Tjun Chan Buddhistic roots.

The IWKA Road to Black Belt and Bridge to Mastery are a clear roadmap for the student to follow and the red line throughout the IWKA Wing Tjun system of Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola.

“If you don’t know where you’re going you might end up somewhere else”

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* Improve confidence
* Raise self esteem
* Reduce stress levels
* Strengthen immune system
* Improve concentration
* Learn self defence skills
* Improve sleep
* Improve fitness and well-being

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What People Say

"I have only been here for a short time and I am already enjoying it. The teacher is great and classes are of a really high quality."

Zeshan Haroon

"Sifu Jason Sylvester is a dedicated martial artist and teacher. He has worked hard to develop his skills. Once you take the time to train with him, your confidence in his knowledge will be assured."

Bill Cullen

"Jason’s passion for Wing Tjun is contagious. He is a dedicated, supportive instructor who manages to get the best out of you!"

Eleri Farrow

"Sifu Jason is a gifted martial artist with a rare ability to inspire and encourage his students. His knowledge and skill is first rate. I highly recommend anyone to try the classes to find out for yourself."

Bill Bostock

"Sifu Sylvester teaches in a ‘relaxed manner’. He is concise in his delivery and gives clear instructions. His knowledge and sheer dedication for the ‘art’ is inspiring. This is without doubt a process of becoming more confident and stronger and a means to measure ‘personal growth’, no matter what goals it is that you have set. Well worth looking into...highly recommended!"

Bunny Boneto Dryden

"Sifu Jason He is a brilliant teacher, with amazing skills, and gives clear instructions to understand more easily. Each time I have attended the session it has been very enjoyable and it's made me more confident within myself. Also it's helped me to be more calm and relaxed."

Lisa Charles

"Sifu Jason great teaching ability Delivers good accuracy of the Art to the students Inspired ability to strength mind body.. Highly recommended.."

Dalton Henry

IWKA kung Fu Birmingham UK - Martial Arts Classes in Birmingham

About Us


The IWKA Kung Fu family is part of the tradition which dates back thousands of years. 

The unique IWKA Wing Tjun and IWKA Taiji systems are the result of over 3 decades of intense research in China and South Asia. Diverse linages have been explored by world renowned Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola to form the curriculum of these two systems; this has enabled Sifu Sergio’s work to help preserve an authentic piece of Chinese culture.

Sifu Sergio has dedicated his life to the preservation of the most important Wing Tjun and Taiji knowledge in existence and spreads the knowledge he acquired from his Sifu’s. Through the IWKA association, you can be part of mastering your body, mind and energy to a whole new level. This is the main aim of our state of the art programs.

Every new journey begins with a first step. If you have made that step, CONGRATULATIONS; your Sifu and Shihing will be there to support you in achieving your goals. 

Always remember, a student wearing a Black shirt is a student who once wore a White shirt and never gave up. 


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Woodcock Sports Centre
Studio 3, Aston University
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  Telephone: 07516871700

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 IWKA Birmingham UK

Woodcock Sports Centre, Studio 3
Aston University
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